The Council comprises seven members and is advised and supported by the Clerk.


Of the seven seats, there are currently five elected members and two co-optees. Their names and contact details are shown in the table below.

Councillors are always pleased to hear from members of the community - if you would like to raise an issue please contact one of them. You can click on any of the names below to send an email.

The Council takes probity seriously and works to a Code of Conduct - this is available to view on the left of this page. in order to avoid conflicts of interest, whenever a member is elected, re-elected or co-opted they must declare any financial or similar interests that they have.

The current Councillors' declarations of interest are also listed here. When a Councillor has delared an interest in a matter related to Council business they are normally unable to participate in any associated debate and decision-making. However, in some circumstances Councillors are eligible to seek a written dispensation which, if granted, enables her or him either to just participate in discussion or to participate in decision-making too. The dispensations granted for the current term of office (until 2019) are shown in the left hand bar of this page.

Each year, at the Annual Meeting of the Council held in the Spring, the members elect a Chair and Vice-Chair. The current Chair and Vice-Chair are Cllrs Chester and Rickard respectively.

Name Address Tel.
Michael Chester Old Forge House, The Street, IP29 4UH 01284 850000
Pat Fisher 18 Majors Close, IP29 4UN 01284 850545
Teresa Landymore 4 The Green, IP29 4UE 01284 850821
Margaret Rickard 2 The Green, IP29 4UE 01284 851032
Clare Varney Redwood, The Street, IP29 4UH 01284 852448
Alan Noyes


Lavender Cottage, Queens Lane, IP29 4UX

Sam Parrett The Old Stores, Queen's Lane, IP29 4UT 07771 624555

Clerk to the Council

The Clerk to the Council is responsible for advising and supporting the Council, setting and publishing the agenda for meetings, calling most types of meeting and for implementing the decisions and policies of the Council. The Clerk is generally the first point of contact for all Council business - please contact him if you need information about any aspect of the Council's work or if you have any questions or queries.

Name Address Tel.
Maximilian Clay  Gate Cottage, Culford, Bury St Edmunds, IP28 6TU 0777 595 6515


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