The Council's main source of income is the annual precept. Its main assets are the playing field adjacent to the Erskine Centre on Chevington Road and further land within the parish at Crossways and The Green. in addition, the Council owns two bus shelters, on Chevington Road and The Green. The Council does not own any buildings in the parish.

The Council seeks to manage its finances in a clear and transparent way, there is no separate finance committee so all financial matters are considered by the full Council. Financial documents are published on this page and are listed by administrative years, which run from April to March. Quarterly reports appear only after the Council approves them. Because the Council normally meets only six times a year this can mean that it is a month or two after the end of the relevant quarter before you can see the relevant information here.

The management of financial matters is governed by the Council's Financial Regulations which are based on a nationally sponsored template and updated as appropriate by the Council each year. Our current financial regulations can be found in the box below.